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Sane Friends

Tuesday's Gone

Surprisingly I'm awake today. I had to pull myself out of class last night. It was almost 11 and I knew I needed to get up early today. However I had several women want to dance with me. WTH? There are 15 other guys there. Guess I'm getting good. Also some of the women are getting more huggy with me. One of them I talked to for a little while last night. She's bubbly and attractive. However this guy always brings her and disappears. I don't know if he is her BF or brother or something. I think I might need to clarify. I'll give her a name if it's a go. The truly funny thing is W-Salsa girl and this girl Angie I can't tell apart if they come in separate. The only way I can tell is Angie has a wedding ring. When they are together I can tell easily. I hate when I goof.

Office wise the phone is still ringing for people to come in. So hopefully this continues. Now I just need them to show up.

When I was young I probably never had said this, but jeez a moustache stinks. It's itchy. I haven't shaved it for 2 days for my Zorro costume tonight. Argh it's an annoyance.

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