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What's Up With the Ring?

Over the last few months I've noticed a trend of women wearing rings on their wedding finger that are more fashionable I guess. I've seen what looks like a red plastic band to today's silver with a lapis stone in it. Are these women married? What signal are they trying to broadcast? Why do I ask? Well it was our monthly cook out and each month we get more people from the complex to come. Anyway Spa girl came today. She was attractive and we talked backgrounds for a while. She needed a change is her reason for moving here. I figured divorce or something since she mentioned no husband. It seemed like she liked me, but then I noticed the odd ring on her finger. WTF? It's not a wedding ring in any conventional manner. So what is it then? We got broken up in the crowd of conversation so I didn't get a chance to hint around. Natural instinct says just ask her out, but I know I've been known to strike to soon. So maybe next time I see her.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ask.ask..ask...ASK!!!!! For the love of Pete just ask her!! Cause now you have ME curious too. What's up with that????? I mean, I still have my wedding ring (because it was a custom made item that I designed myself) but I wear it on the 3rd finger of my RIGHT hand...

Ask!!!!!!! :)

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