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3 F*ckin' Strikes

Bastard blew me off. Third new patient this week. Call and make an appointment same day or prior and never show. They never answer the phone. Without him I'm one less than tying for the busiest month this year. Freakin' fuck turd. I might need to get an address also so I can drive to their house and drag them out by their ear.

Halloween feels like a bust this year. My Saturday party got cancelled and last night's event never really got off the ground. I'm dressed here at the office and it was fun to give out candy to all the kids from the daycare place around the corner. I gave out gummy body parts and chocolate eyeballs. The kids were very happy with that. I had to pick up a gift card so I stopped by Starbucks and got myself a drink and read for a while. I got many stares, but I wasn't the only one there dressed up. It was funny some staff from another Starbucks came in dressed as there drinks.
However I feel denied and when I get that feeling I feel I need to be compensated. So I'm battling with the desire for a relationship today. The old tape of it will save me and fill that hole I am feeling now. Not acting on it, but trying to keep my eyes in my head. I know the feeling will pass.

Now I just need to survive delivering pizzas on Halloween.

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