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Thursday Thirteen

The Last Thirteen Things I’ve Seen on DVD

1. Big Trouble in Little China – Just a great hookie movie.
2. 300 – This is such a guy movie and Miller’s visualization brought to film are simply amazing
3. Casino Royale – Actually the only Bond book I read. While Connery is still #1 in my book I liked Craig’s raw and gritty portrayal of 007.
4. Babylon 5 season 1 – Oh I wished I had more money. Best Buy had them all dirt cheap a few months ago. I saw the whole series when it was first on and I loved it. Now going back I really see how it was all scheduled out from the beginning.
5. Two & Half Men season 1 – one of 3 shows I watch a week on TV. I never got to see these and I think I pulled something laughing so hard.
6. Running Scared – this was the other half of my weekly watches way back when. It’s still as funny.
7. My Super Ex Girlfriend – a great movie for us nerds. All I can say is the bed scene.
8. Animal House – I hardly ever see this movie, but it is just such a timely classic.
9. Seinfeld season 7 – The coming wedding of George and Susan nuff said.
10. Iron Man – I was impressed they did a great job of updating the mythos.
11. Goldfinger – One of my favorite Bond movies. With the Aston Martin, the hat and great characters like Oddjob and Pussy Galore.
12. Avengers Unlimited 2 – this was okay. Didn’t do as good of a job with it as they did with others.

13. Azumi – very enjoyable Japanese sword flick

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2 people had cathartic therapy:

I beg to differ Mike. I happen to think "300" was created SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY for women all around the world. I mean..come on... all those amazing HOT BODS...TIGHT ABS and kick ass men???? Oooooo yeah... I had to watch that alone....special "private" viewing.... several, several times... ha..ha.ha... :)


Aside from Seinfeld, I can honestly say I haven't seen any of the rest of those movies. What a bore I am.

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