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Sane Friends


I love the salsa, but this late night club scene is not for me. The later it gets the more people pile in. For some reason the smoke factor goes up to as it gets later. Tonight's place allows smoking which sucks since all you want is a nice lung full of smoke when your dancing up a storm.

We had a humongous crowd tonight to start and we actually had to grab some guys from the bar to balance out the man-woman thing. Although the women started dropping out as we went on. I'm truly amazed at how many guys come with their girls and just sit there while they watch the ladies dance.

Our little dance group was invaded by a bunch of wild women tonight. I'm happy I wasn't pulled into a fight tonight. One of the wild women when I was dancing with her I always ask their name. Usually they just say it however she leans over and whispers it in my ear. It was said in such a way a switch went off in my head. She really danced the floor with me. So much so that her husband or boyfriend came up and had words with her when he separated us. After that I stayed with our group of people, it was just safer.

Most of the group is young so staying out late every night and going some place afterwards is not unheard of. The place tonight closes at 3 am. I tag out before I turn into a pumpkin. Overall it was okay tonight dance wise. Their was just too many people and the group of wild women really altered the flow of everything. On the other hand it was nice to bond a little better with the women in our dance group.

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