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My Past Still Haunts

For me talking and sharing always reveals something I need to change to move on in life. Looking over my stats for the year in the office shows double the amount of new patients than last year, but very little of an increase in office revenue. The realization is that I am still taking care of everyone else and leaving myself in the cold. An age old problem. I'm speeding people through care to make it affordable for them and leaving myself in poverty. Not helpful. So I need to make at least $500 per new patient coming in a month. Anything else and I'm slashing my own throat. I'm not looking to add anything that doesn't need to be down, but better teaching of what needs to be done to make them healthy. I'm a fast learner, but I know everyone else isn't.

Also today I was looking back to see what I have learned from my relationships this year. It actually started when I was drinking my sweet tea. A smile formed on my face when I remembered I had gotten this from CPA girl as a way to cut back on my soda intake. L had taught me to relax in my relationship as well as reconnect with my sexual side. April reminded me how much fun it is just to ask someone out of the blue.

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