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Sane Friends

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Believe it or not we had enough women for salsa tonight. Actually is was completely even at 15-15. I think the workshop especially for women helped get them out there and then the partner dancing sewed it up nicely. I tell you if I didn't have to try and figure out the beat from the song I'm a very good dancer. I know weird for me to say, but the compliments flew tonight. However when I need to decipher the music forget about it. So much of my focus goes to that, that I footwork lacks. A yes a reminder to send my teacher a email telling her to burn me some music to practice by. I fully understand now when Adina our coordinator says this is how she stays thin. Tell you fast dancing for a while wow. I walked out tonight and I could feel the muscles growing on my thighs and ass. I felt bad walking out during class, but I know I'm going to feel worse when the alarm clock goes off at 6:45.

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