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Say Goodbye Phillip

I was informed by one of my patients this morning that the City of Norfolk voted their smoking ban in restaurants and bars in affect. They had been wanting to do it for a while, but feared that if they did everyone would come to the beach. Yeah just what we want all the smokers. So the agreement was that Virginia Beach will follow suit. So hopefully this is my last morning of coughing up a lung from second hand smoke.

OMG I hated having a patient early this morning. I so wanted to sleep. Still do. Just so tired. I was able to squeeze in one snooze, but that was just a tease.

Now I think physical and occupational therapist smoke crack. After my Mom had her second stroke a year and a half ago. She went into rehab before I moved her up here. We got her report and it was hardly that bad. Drove her off the lot and boy was she a lemon. It was a totally different person than in the reports. So when I went last week and the OT was like we're getting your Mom to move her right hand it was great. Visiting today Mom still can't use the hand. I have no idea if this is so they can continue therapy since Medicare is really a sphincter on this kind of stuff.

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Congrats on the non-smoking ban!! I know it's a touchy subject with a lot of people... but I'm a firm believer in "if your bad, unhealthy and potentially deadly habit is polluting the air and those AROUND you..then no..it's NOT your right to smoke in public." :)

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