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Thanks Loving Annie and Bottle Blond for the just being human comments. I knew that to be true when I was sharing with my friend Paul this morning. I didn't feel like dealing, but I had patients to deal with. Years ago when I was married I would just push through since my ex would have problems if I wasn't up to snuff. Only could be one sick person in the house. Anyway in not being human I would really over draw myself in the emotional problem only to make things worse. So this morning was the situation again and for me to make a choice. I let myself be human and it all worked out. I can't say I was 100%, but by the time I was doing pizza I was happy. I did good by my patients and had even set up a really good marketing plan with members of my networking group. I'm still emotionally drained and tired. I truly can't believe I use to live this way 24/7 when I was married. Now I know why I have so much energy and am happier now. The biggest thing is I don't have any pain. It hurt so much to turn my neck Monday through Wednesday. To be pain free is so great.

Not too much exciting in pizza tonight. A lot of stiffs, found out my manager was in College Girls Gone Wild 2002, the prepares were discussing the pros and cons of ass sex, and I ordered $5 on sale sweatshirt from the company. Papa Johns employees can only wear there stuff. $5 sweatshirt beats the hell out of how much a freakin' jacket will cost. Since I'm not standing outside in the cold all night like valet I'll survive the quick run to people's doors.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Good Thursday evening to you, Mike.

You are so welcome !

Glad that you are appreciating how it feels to have more energy and be happier than the way you used to live, are being pain free is an equally great thing to be happy over.

The pizza place sounds quite exciting - I never get conversations like that when I go for Pizza !
The sweatshirt was a good choice as long as you have thermals on underneath it when the nights get cold.

*cyber hugs and smiles*
Loving Annie

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