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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Halloween Costumes

Since it is October and thoughts of what to be for Halloween abound I thought I would remember my past costumes.

1. Jedi Knight - This was fun since it was the first time dressing up again.
2. Cowboy - not too original, but too much arguing with the ex kept me from being creative
3. Biker dude – Eric was so sick this year
4. Prisoner of my student loans - this got a lot of laughs
5. Liono from Thundercats - a group of us were suppose to go as the whole Thundercats. Besides my friend John and myself everyone else chickened out. Fuck turds.
6. 30’s gangster – here’s the ex and me
7. Medieval thief - it was a simple costume to go to a college party
8. Zorro – it was an easy costume. Can’t see much of it in the pic, but Eric looked so cute
9. Vampire - this was before the dental work
10. Werewolf - everyone loved the face on this, but I couldn't find a pic
11. Medieval warrior – this was a fun year. We were all in college and went as a theme.
12. Wizard - this is this year's choice. Pics will follow.
13. Mowgli the Jungle Boy – not a Halloween pic, but this is what everyone calls it

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2 people had cathartic therapy:

I'm just curious, were you going for 'gay' biker dude or did it just turn out that way? :-)

Digging the Zoot Suit, though. Way cool.


Re: biker picture

You look like the Village Person they never speak of.

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