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Sane Friends

The Hydrogen Droplets Continue

Three days of rain. Wow this is so weird. We haven't had more than a 5 minute down pour since the spring. So continuous rain is just so strange to see. It also makes delivering pizza a pain in the ass. Although I have to admit it only was pouring for one of my deliveries. The lady gave a nice tip. We also had 2 huge orders. One of 59 and the other of 37 pizzas. The store becomes a nightmare when this happens since it just destroys the natural flow and you just end up standing around while this one order gets made. The only other two incidents of the night were 1) the cheap fuck turd who wanted ALL of his change back. Hey pal let me leave your pizza in the middle of your lawn so you can come out here and get wet. 2) drove past L (I recognized her ass) and friend while they were walking their dogs. I know she was looking for my car since it has my office bumper sticker on it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I always enjoy identifying people by their asses. I could pick my ex-boyfriend's ass out of a lineup.

It's been raining for days here, too. I had extravagant beach plans that had to be cancelled because nature decided to piss on my parade.


that's when you count out his exact change and take 3 steps back into the rain... just smile and say here it is.

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