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Grumble ... Grumble

Well it started as a nice day. A new patient on the books and a regular visit later in the day. I even got a call for another new patient on the way to work. Then it happens. The first new patient and the regular visit need to reschedule. The second is a no show. Day's over before it started. Oh well I have those phone calls to make.

Many people have asked who the people in the pics are from salsa. I was going to re post them, but for some reason they were .jpeg last night and today there .ART. I have no program to open the ART files for the blog. So if you do want to know who everyone is like the wild women, W-Salsa girl and the such just email me and I can send it to you.

A long time ago I had planned not to work Halloween at pizza for obvious reasons. However I took next Saturday off for a Halloween party that has now been cancelled. Well I was informed we don't have to wear our uniform then and we can dress up if we want to lower our chances of being pranked on. In some of the districts it's to prevent being jumped, shot at or pistol whipped.

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