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Dude, I'm So Wasted

Trying to pry my ass out of bed was not as bad as yesterday, but took awhile. I really could feel how drained I was at the gym this morning. My normal weights were really heavy and I had to struggle through my normal sets. I really need to rest over the weekend to replenish my energy.

On the dating front it has been a quiet week since I've been consumed with my Mom and knew dealing with any women would be bad. I can use a woman to forget all my problems too fast so I always walk very carefully during those times. I haven't seen Spa girl all week so next week I'll head over to her place and see if she is around. In the meantime Cat girl emailed me back. I wrote her a while ago and had wrote her off, but she seems to have sporadic Internet usage. As an aerobics teacher she's health oriented which is good, but not quite sure she is too much. In that I mean just slow with the relationship and not just dump it all. So we'll see.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Ohhh an aerobics instructor! I do hope she'll have you jazzercising between the sheets!


Let's hope you can keep up with the aerobics instructor. Are you as supple as her?

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