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The Inverse Business

In talking with my business coach yesterday I changed some of my stats to better see how the office is doing. I learned from one of my old bosses to keep these important numbers to see how things are going. I may be seeing more patients than ever, but I'm billing 50% less per patient than I was doing in January. More work, less money. WTF??? I know what it is. The two lowest insurances Medicare and Optima have become my dominant patients. These insurances pay less than my cash patients. All my other insurances compensate me more than cash which is great, but they have been coming in less and less. At this point it still is worth taking these insurances since it's better than nothing.

I'm dreading going out today to market. The heat index is 105. Oye!!! I actually brought a change of shirt so I can change when I'm finished since I know I'm going to be drenched in sweat.

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