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Sane Friends


I kind of feel like I'm in a whirlwind today. One of my patients bounced a check with me which sucks since I'm now in the red in the bank and I have to collect from her. I don't see it being a problem getting the money from her, but you never know. Plus I hope it doesn't affect her coming in.

I'm swinging from paying one bill to another with a few falling behind. Money is slowly coming in, but not fast enough for me. I'm starting to get negative since a patient just cancelled. All I know is I just keep putting one foot in front of another and I'll get through this. Unless I'm walking the plank then I'm screwed!

Today marked a first. One of my patients has terminal cancer. For the last few months I was wondering should I look in the obits for any of my senior patients, but there has to be a better way online to do that. Anyway I knew he was sick and had other problems going on. So his wife stopped by to pay his bill and fill me in. I thought it was very sweet that he wanted to come all month to talk to me and tell me what was going on, but the medicine has been knocking him off of his feet.

I tell you I do hate complete cash patients for one reason. If I need to refer the out to someone, who is the best person that's just not going to waste their money. I see how it is with people with insurance and them getting the run around. As you can tell I have a patient that I'm running out things to do for her, but not quite sure where to send her. I might have to just send her to where I would do if they had insurance (cringe).

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I hope you collect from that woman. Maybe it will affect her coming in, maybe it won't. But it's not your problem if she can't pay her bills. You did your part.

I am sorry to hear about the terminally ill patient. When I was on AOL Blog, it was sad when I went back to read their blogs, only to find out they passed away due to cancer.


Hi Mike,
Hmmm ... a patient who bounces a check?!? Maybe you should wait until she's on the table, twist her into a pretzel shape and give her a choice: Pay up or spend the rest of her life as a pretzel.


Perhaps the wife of the terminally ill patient needed to talk, too, and why she came in person to pay up. It is sad that he is that ill. Sounds as if they are patients where patient appreciation is having a positive effect on their lives. Sorry to hear of his illnesses.
Hopefully you can just work things out with that woman, done in the right way, it may help her to feel okay about herself still, pay you up and your bounce fees, and you both stay as patient/ client. Hopefully:) One never knows.

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