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Okay this is a strange story. I wasn't even going to share it since I didn't know how to explain it. Anyway yesterday I got up like normal, showered, got dressed and went about my day. At no point throughout the day did I get undressed. Anyway at 6:30 I stopped at Hardees to grab a quick bite to eat on my way to a meeting. After ordering I get a not great feeling in my left nut. I figured something got caught, moved wrong, etc. So I do a little shift and it's okay. On my way to the meeting it comes and goes depending on how I move. Since it's not constant I don't pay much attention.
Anyway three quarters through my meeting the sweet tea has done it's work and I walk to the bathroom. I'm taking a piss and I feel that sharp pain again. Enough is enough is my thought. So as soon as I'm finished I figured I'll just fix the elastic on that side. I reach in to only hit something sharp. WTF? After a few seconds of wondering what's sharp there. I fish around again only to pull out this huge toe nail clipping. Now it only gets better. It's not mine!!!

So I'm guessing in having a few people do the laundry in the house I got someone elses toe nail.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

OMG that is so gross ! I think toe nail clippings are gross, especially when they are not yours.

Good to know your left manberry is better. Thanks for sharing, I am sure we all feel that much closer to you.........


I'm not a squeamish kinda girl, but that is just plain nasty. *shudder*

Now I know why I have never had a room mate.




ANNNNNNDDDDD that is why I will not use a public laundry!

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