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Sane Friends

Jim, I'm a Chiropractor not a Web Designer

Well after 2, maybe 3 days I finally got my website for my second business open. You can see it here. Since I'm just running it up the flagpole and seeing who salutes it, I've gone cheap. However I have to give Godaddy high marks on their customer service since I made many mistakes on buying products that weren't right. Hey third time is the charm they say. Now it's just getting chiropractors to the site. If you know one send them the link.

I'm starting to see the correlation with my withdrawal symptoms and stress/hunger. They seem to make it worse or bring it on. While they aren't bad, they are a pain in the butt.

It was nice to awake this morning and celebrate my singledom. I was very comfortable in that skin which I have been good with in the past, but fully embracing it was another story. The funny thing is that I'm reading How to Make Someone Fall in Love with you in 90 minutes right now. Very good book and his business books are also very good. Through trial and error over the past 70-80 dates I've learned sharing and connecting with others. The book would have been easier to have read first.

At 3 pm on Friday I saw my 100th patient of the month which was a new record. I'll see 110 by the time the month ends which will have doubled what I did last August. I'm still in the Valley of Death with money. I'm generating it, but most of the big stuff won't be in till November which is a long way off. Hence the second business to try and close the money gap.

Inverse didn't need to live with us for the few days which worked out well with everyone else in the house. The new lady and son should be moving in over the next few days. At that point she'll be christened with a nickname.

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