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Sane Friends

Relationship Balance

Asp's party last night was fun, although it was a fly nightmare when we had the food out. Later on we brought out the fire pit and had a nice fire going. The weather really cooperated with a nice blue sky.

The interesting thing is that Server guy wants to ask Asp out. Because of the party he held off, but it was interesting watch him. We had the talk during the week. He was telling me you have to help women out which came up after talking to the pair of women last week at Panera. He offered to carry their bags when the went shopping. Afterwards I told him I don't carry bags. That's not entirely true. If I'm dating someone I have no problem helping out. However my point with him was that starting and basing a relationship on helping was a bad thing. It starts a power imbalance which will define the relationship. I can help you so I'm better and stronger while you need help and are weaker. Played out it goes in dismal directions. Either the person always needs help which gives you purpose, but there won't be any help for you. If they get better, you'll lose your purpose and may resent that they don't need you anymore.

Still no problems with medication stopping. I really didn't have any problems yesterday. I'm putting myself under a microscope to see if there are any changes that indicate my depression is coming back on.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I, too, prefer it when people are more equally balanced, and help out each other, sometimes maybe one is having something going on, and sometimes it may be the other person, and yeah, you do it because you can and you care, and he'd do it back for you, too, and does.

And perhaps even edit out the run-on sentences ;)

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