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Is that body fluids?

It was funny today. I stopped by the thrift store on the way to my storage unit and there on the shelves was the Spanish CD's I was going to scrounge around my unit for. I was looking at them for $3 or get dirty looking for them. I know I had finally put them away not to long ago, but I had reorganized the unit so I had no clue where they would be. Well 20 minutes later and a pool of sweat I gave up. I would have to drag out more boxed than I wanted to and I was soaked from all the humidity. One thing I did learn afterwards is that I can download a different one from the virtual library at our library. I not fully understanding that, but I'll see tomorrow when I have a hi-speed connection.

My hike with L got pushed back to tomorrow so I picked up some DVD's at the library. I'm still an anime fan and I picked up Ghosthunt which turned out to be a real enjoyable series. Besides that I finished my glow in the dark puzzle. It was missing 3 pieces which the landlord joked about getting them from the thrift store. He for less than a dollar I can live with it since it's going right back there when I'm finished. This time around I'm doing a CSI puzzle. It's suppose to have a UV light to see the solution to the mystery. However the clue booklet pages are all stuck together so I think they took it so you couldn't see that it was all bodily fluids.

The Landlord announced that he would be leaving Thursday for about a week to visit family. It'll be nice to have the place to myself. However it's these times that I do realize how much I enjoy talking with someone over dinner.

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