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It doesn't ever bother me that I'm color blind except when it comes to getting new clothes. At some point in my life I've asked someone about almost all my clothes and what they go with. Then I just hold onto the information like it's the crown jewels. As I buy new stuff I just keep buying the same colors. At least I think they're the same colors in the store. It's another thing when I get them home. Oh well. So I end up with a bunch of different shades of colored shirts. Then I'm always wondering does this go with that? I have to admit Papa John's gave me the khaki with a red or green combo. I know white goes with everything, but I do like color which may seem weird for a color blind person to say.
So tonight I'm doing more investigating on what goes with what, you know in guy speak. Just flat out rules. You know what I found out tonight is that opposites on the color wheel go together. I always thought they reflected or something like that. Hopefully this information wasn't posted by another color blind person and one day I'll be waling around like a clown.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Dude, I'd TOTALLY tell you if you didn't match. (and try not to laugh too much) ha..ha.ha...

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