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Hillbilly Fever

My cap feel off while I was eating last night. So I'm feeling like a hillbilly. It's on the side of my mouth so appearance wise it's not noticed. However what a pain in the ass. Why you say? Well I know its going to be an argument with my dentist on putting it back on. I know my dentist back in NY would just pop it back on. However I know my new guy with all his high tech stuff is going to push for a new cap and a bunch of other stuff. So I'm hoping I'm making a mountain over a mole hill, but I doubt it.

I got a good shot to the nuts yesterday when not 1, but 4 cash paying patients rescheduled for next week. One it really deflated my cushion on breaking a 100 this month and it also put a hole in money being collected in the office this week. Oh well it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Jeez I'm trying to find a medical doctor for my 20 year old cash patient. Everyone is saying no. I'm hitting a lot of dead ends and I feel bad I can't help her more.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ooh speaking of 4, I remember when I had 4 interviews lined up. Not one resulted in me getting a job. Back to back rejection.

But that also means that somewhere down the line the universe will respond with giving you back to back patients that all come in.

Good luck, man. At least you are in business and staying afloat which is a huge accomplishment in such tough times.

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