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Sane Friends


I'm sad to say that Eric won't be coming for a visit. My ex I guess is still not feeling well and wouldn't be able to drive him to the airport. It would an extra $200 to taxi them back and forth and that's almost what the whole flight cost would be. So we'll have to do it at another time.

I'm meeting the possible family that will be moving in with us for dinner tonight. Hopefully they won't pass the test. Since the mother has a solid plan to get back on her feet in 6 months the landlord is willing to give her the time. The kids are 7 and 13 which are older than he usually lets in the house. We'll see.

The other thing on my mind is with Inverse moving back in for 2 weeks will she start up her program of getting me to sleep with her. Since she's not going to be living there, I'm trying to see if I'm inclined or not.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Your landlord has a test to pass ?

What kinda of test is that since he is letting Inverse live with him after he already got stiffed with the rent.

A 7 and a 13 year old in the house ? I bet that mom may leave them home alone at times so you get to deal with them.

I would move out hands down if that situation were presented to me. Actually, I was in a similar situation before, and I did move out.

Hey, and before you move out, why not bang Inverse and get it out of your system ??

How is it that the Sagitarrians get themselves into interesting situations ?


Why can't Eric's mother get a relative or friend to drive him to the airport? Hmmmm.....

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