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Sane Friends

The Train has Left the Station

I finally got all caught up with all my blog reading. Only when I'm busy and can't read do I realize how many blogs I read cause they really add up fast when you don't read them. It's like rabbits on Viagra. I've been trying over the last few days to easy the load, but the unending entries was undoing all my work. I did perfect my system of who I can read fast and who I need time to read.
Yes I'm still grumbling about seeing more patients and making less money. While I know intellectually it will all work out in time. Here in the now it sucks. I am happy to know that my business is gaining ground while everyone else is losing it.

I am so looking forward to my friend's client appreciation tonight. I supplied the massage therapist for free chair massages and I can use one. OVDC is on vacation this week so I didn't get adjusted this week. With all the extra work and I've been hitting the weights heavier I can feel the toll on my body.
It's funny with German girl. We've known each other for 3 years now. Not a week has gone by that we haven't emailed each other. There is no dating chemistry between us, but we both think each other is very attractive. So it was very funny yesterday on FB when she's demanding shirtless photos of me on my hikes with L.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Chair massage...two of my favorite words.

And are you sure there is no chemistry? Demanding shirtless pics sounds a bit chemical. LOL.

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