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Now I know I have a distinctive laugh, but I guess I never knew how much. As people flow in and out of the singles group, I may not see people for months. It's always interesting to hear them (the ladies) say how much they missed my laugh. I know we've been in Panera bread and the female workers are usually asking who owns the laugh. Tonight we went to the Funny Bone to see Lynne Kopiltz who was very funny and very hot. We got stuck in a weird table tonight that was near the stage, but off to the side. So it was interesting to see her smiling over at us when I laughed. I didn't really notice, hey I'm a guy, but the females at the table pointed it out. What I was surprised about was that information stressed me for some reason. For some reason, at times, when I know a woman is paying attention to me I get anxious. I wish I knew why so I can not have it happen. However that is me, I don't like bumps in my life. Getting use to life having bumps is still new to me. However an attractive lady showing me her ass and telling how doggy style would be with her doesn't help.

On the way out I think the Principal wanted me to ask her out. She asked me a few questions as everyone else disappeared and we were left on the street together. She's an attractive woman that I'm neutral with. However Tech girl was the last woman I'm going over the water for.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Mike...my comment is in general, based on your blogs and your complete focus on finding a partner, I find it hard to believe that you are following all the 8 limbs of Yoga on your "spiritual" search. While I myself am going through a divorce that I never imaginged would happen and understand the desire for happiness with a soul to share life with, I can't help feel that these blogs seem empty... so..where's the spiritual side of your blogs, maybe it's all bogged down by sexuality? If it's all about sex, how will anyone of the opposite sex take you seriously? While I understand the importance of that, where is GOD? Not a put down, just a question.


How is your laugh distinct ? Do your snort ? Sometimes I accidentally let out a snort if something is really funny.

Btw, your blog does not seem so empty to me. And nothing wrong with blogging about sex. Keep it coming... And no pun intended.....

Oh, and some point you will have to go over the water for some woman, if you are really into. Sometimes the man has to be the hunter.

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