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Sane Friends

Stranger in a Strange Land

I guess sometimes I don't things through. A business associate invited me tonight to her maternity store for a big sale night she was having. I was one of the professionals she had there. I kind of knew I would be the only guy there, but I didn't truly conceptualize it. Women's boutique, store full of women, and sales. The was another chiropractor there. I talked to her for a while. I met some great contacts for my patients, but really didn't talk to any of the pregnant ladies. I found out they all thought I was some one's husband just standing around waiting for her to finish shopping. This revelation came about when one woman complimented me on being so patient.

I have to admit it was a weird scenario. All the women walking into the store are married and pregnant. All the girls working there are in their 20's like the owner. The big story of the night was a woman passed out while getting a chair massage. They took her to the hospital.

While I didn't get any patients, I was happy to help a few of the business people out with contacts and learn about there businesses so I could pass them onto my patients.

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