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Sane Friends

Delays and Singledom

I tell you every year it's something new with the insurance companies. This year it's a new one. Their apologizing for making mistakes. If you know it or not all bills are electronically scanning into a machine. Leaves the human element out of it. Well every week now I'm calling an insurance company about a non paid claim. You know what I hear? Oh we miss read your diagnosis number. We're sorry. I just fixed it and it'll be processed in the next 30 days. Bastard! Delay, delay, dealy. They should go into the sex business with all the delaying they do.

I guess I've been single long enough for my friends. It's now the question I'm getting asked a lot. I know they think I'm a great guy and that it would be great if I was with someone. However I'm very happy being single at the moment. I'll be 43 in November and if you take adulthood at 18 that's 25 years. I spend 16 years with my ex which leaves me 9. During those years I've dated about 80 women. You know I would like some me time. I want my selfish time. I don't to worry about a lot of things that I have to when I'm in a relationship. Your life is very different. I'm not saying it's better or worse, but it is different. It's just something I need to expierence as I try to catch up on my emotional growth.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

Good for you, I am enjoying my single time as well.



ME time is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!


The next time I fight with the insurance company I'm going to offer to K-Y jelly to the first person who makes an excuse.

I'm doing that in your honor.


I am proud of you for wanting this alone time. Alot of people are not comfortable being alone.


I get the friends trying to fix me or peppering me with questions about why I broke it off with the last guy. The thrill just wasn't there, & that is all they need to know. I like single much better than coupled. Being a couple is only NOT a lot of work if you are really crazy for the other person(or if you are one of those who feel pathetic without a mate). ~Mary

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