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The Elixir of Life

In all my research on my withdrawal symptoms. The common statement was to take a lot of B vitamins. So when I was out last night at the store I picked up a bottle of sub lingual B complex. The stuff is working pretty well, let me tell you. I maybe swigging the stuff every 2-3 hours, but that lightheaded and dizziness are almost non-existent. Since B vitamins are water soluble I'm good.

OVDC will always say that she takes her hat off to me on my marketing skills since I'm always pounding the pavement. This week is hitting all the private school and college athletic coaches to treat the athletes. Their excited about it since no one else is doing it and I told them I would lecture for free and adjust the athletes for $25. So far two private schools down. I'm going after Virginia Wesleyan college tomorrow.

I tell you it's weird having a new family now at the house. No complaints mind you, just weird. I had one of the kids knock on my door to say goodnight last night. It's just been so long with me and the landlord that now to have all these people is weird. I'm hoping to have a nickname for the new woman tonight.

One of my friends from college who I've talked in the past about, but I'm surprised I never gave her a nickname. Jeez thinking up nicknames is getting harder and harder. Let's just call her Lee cause it was her maiden name. Anyway when we were in college I had to admit I had the hots for her. She was in a unhappy marriage and a bit nuts so hey she was perfect for me. No, nothing ever happened. Anyway as school went on she got crazier and crazier and I just pulled away more and more. Years ago she had contacted me to see if I every got married to my ex. When she learned that I had the communication died off quickly. Anyway she lives in the western part of the state and we see each other at seminars, plus Facebook. Lee is still a very attractive woman, but the insane streak is still there. We'll still talk a lot when we see each other, but this is no longer a deeper relationship connection for me. Anyway I was surprised to see a comment from her saying if I couldn't find a woman in VA. Beach I should come out and try women in her city. I guess I got put back on her menu again. My answer to her was that I hate to drive across the water which is where she has family. I didn't even mention driving 4 freaking hours. I've done long distance relationships before and I'll never do it again.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Oh boy people from the past are always a good time. You never know, maybe she changed more then you think she has. And long distance dating can have its benefits lol.


That's so sweet that the child knocked on your door to say goodnight. I hope that things work out at the house.

Stay away from those hot crazy chicas. You can do it !

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