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Sane Friends

Weekend Wrapup

Since I've had people on here and off, no I wasn't hit on this time at Panera. I did see some attractive women, but when I flipped it around and ask how are they making me feel it was completely different. I got to see women in a different light than my rose colored glasses can be. The night itself with the singles was hilarious. We mostly spent the night with one game, Loaded questions. I played it many years ago when I was married, but could never remember it's name. So when I found in the thrift store I was very happy. We laughed a whole lot. Mostly because we all know each other so we can joke better.

German girl has been on a tangent about L liking me a lot. As she will say that L pretty much says hands off on Facebook with all her comments. My friends will always ask what's up with us. I stick to my guns that L doesn't want me, but she doesn't want anyone else to have me. She's been that way since we broke up years ago. If I run into her somewhere, she's all full body hug and hanging off me. So I figured I'd try an experiment yesterday. L had been working with gravel in her yard all weekend and had developed calluses. After our walk I offered to massage lotion into them to help get rid of them. She turned me down. She did accept half my bagel though which is so here. Food and sex.

It was good to finally get the hike in. I really could of used it last week to deal with the week. There's just something to doing mindless physical work that helps your mental state. On that same venue, this is the first time in a long time that I didn't feel like doing work today. I'm feeling better with just scheduling 2 Saturdays a month. Having 2 days off is needed for my mental health especially as the business gets busier.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Do you ever get the feeling that all these women are keeping you close as their "back up guy"? You know, in case things don't work out with someone else, they can fall back on you? Just wondering. Another friend of mine seems to have that problem.


I usually say that I'm L's retirement plan. At some age in her head she has it set to settle down again and she hasn't found someone, I think I'm it them. Woohoo second place.


Why do you bother with L so much if she doesn't want you? I'd let her massage her own calluses and buy her own bagel! Women like that slow you down.

I hate games, even in my teens and 20s (before I was married) I never played guys. I can't figure out the women that do.


I agree with PinkPiddyPaws and Scarlet.

I think L is using you as a backup, and no man deserves to be treated like that, unless you're okay with it.

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