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G20 You sunk my Battleship!

It's a slow end to a slow week. I was able to catch up things around the office though. However I was very surprised that the G20 summit blocked me of getting satisfaction from an insurance company. When I called a rarely used insurance company in Pittsburgh I found out they were closed due to the G20 summit. Wow, a G20 summit vacation day or days. I may have to write the president and ask him to tack on me getting paid with the whole nuclear disarmament thing. I think it's reasonable. If I don't die in some nuclear holocaust, I would like to have some money.

My last patient of the day is a freebie. I miss counted his treatments, but since I made the appointment for him what the hey. However he is a chronic re scheduler. I'll treat him tonight, but since I'm not coming in tomorrow that's it for him. It's now or never.

For the second year in a row the Neptune Festival weekend is a washout. Actually last year their was some dry periods. Not this year. The rain already started and it's not suppose to stop for a while. So my planned event at the festival is off and I have us going to Jillian's for pool. They have a flat rate special from 11-4 of $6 or a table. You can't beat that. I'm use to paying $5/hr.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I forget what we used to pay for pool, but I miss it. It's a fun night out, especially when it's pouring out.

Hope you have a fun weekend!!

Your five words for the game are:

Placer (your Spanish word)

Let me know if/when you post them! :)

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