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Sane Friends

Back in the Pool Again

I have to admit all the work I've done in the past few months really did pay off. It was very obvious to me that MC wanted to go out with me. I thought so yesterday so today I stopped at her office to talk business. We chatted for a while and then I asked if she would like to go for drinks. She said yes. So I'll give her a call tomorrow if not tonight about something over the weekend. My answer to what it is I like about her, I would say that MC is warm and personable. However she is a one to one person. Being in a crowd yesterday was uncomfortable which I was surprised. More to follow.

Well we're getting some new roomies at the house. A 37 year old woman and her 4 year old son. Everyone else has met them except me. The problem is that the house is going to be like Thunder dome in a week. The landlord is going away for 10 days. The problem is that this time there is too many people in the house to do any type of food plan like last time. So it'll be survival of the fittest unless someone wants to step up to the plate to cook.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I am much better one on one than in a crowd or a group. The more people there are around me the more I try to disappear into the background!

Now, I want to go swimming. I'd look fabulous floating on a raft that pool with an icy drink in one hand and a trashy novel in the other.....


Warm and personable...two great qualities. Hope you get to have drinks with her soon!


Good luck with the new leading lady and the new roommates.

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