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Sane Friends

2 Day Post

My presentation went well last night even though we had some last minute cancellations. So I had a cast of 9 to talk to. Everyone enjoyed themselves and having food really helped. My patients were funny about asking if they could pay for their own alcoholic drinks. I told them I was picking up the tab, but for the hard stuff they were on their own.

*** this is what happens when you post while you work. *** 9/25

My missing sponsor did email me and apologized for falling off the planet. He offered to pay his share. I wasn't quite sure so I asked my business coach. He didn't even blink, he just said take the money. His point was valid. I did my part and I would of had someone else fill his if he didn't reserve the spot. So at least the event didn't cost me anything now. It did what it was suppose to do which was bond me more to my patients. A few have now have stepped up to the plate to help spread the word about me to the world at large.

I'm feeling like a putz right now. I paid my malpractice online last week like I always do. I've done it often enough I didn't look for the confirmation email. So I emptied my account out today paying bills. Then I get the message from them about where's the money. Examining the whole thing I see that the payment never went through. Now the bill will be late which I hate, especially when I had it paid on time.

Well the landlord announced that he will be gone for 21 days. Now if it was just me that would be no problem. However with Enigma and kids who the hell knows. She's still deciding how she wants to handle meals during that time. The landlord knows that I'll survive on anything so he's not worried about me. My hope is that if Enigma is not cooking that he'll just leave me the usual microwave meals.

L found out last night that her tenant is leaving at the end of October. I talked to her about raising her price since it's 2 blocks from the beach and that something under 800 was way too cheap. If it was anyone else I might even thing about it since it's a 2 bedroom, but with L being below me it wouldn't work.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I don't know how you do it, but I could not live with children that aren't my own. Hell I don't even know if I would be able to put up with my own if I had them.

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