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There's Something About Mary

If the video doesn't work click here. This is one of my most favorite movie bits an a classic about dating.

MC never called back and yes the M does stand for Mary. I would think at my age I could get a straight yes or no, but I guess I want too much. I'm very good with no. It's the yeses that never happen that get me.

So it was a day of getting my nuts stomped on. Not a single appointment today went as planned. Patients either forgot what time, never showed up, cancelled, or called in wanting an appointment. I have to admit it was very tiring to keep shoveling things around. Virginia Wesleyan rescheduled me till next Tuesday. I'm happy it's still happening, but some heads up would have been nice. I could of had a bunch of patients for that time slot.

I am a bit pissed at myself for letting the MC problem get to me today. I needed to refill that sponsorship spot so that I'm not paying out next Wednesday night. I asked one person, but the second person from what I'm told would do it. However it was a bit of envelope pushing and I just wasn't in the mood. I'll try Monday which is cutting it very close.

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Poor nuts...........

C'mere and gimme a hug........

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