Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends


Server guy stopped by Panera bread to hang with me for a while. He asked what I was up to and what I had been doing with myself since I'm scarce these days. The rumor has it that I'm dating. I told him I was just enjoying myself being single and since now that I have assistants I can relax more with the group. Then it came out that people think I need to find a woman. I guess I have become the poster child for dating.
We talked about everyone in the group, who's dating who and so on. Since I'm the organizer people will ask others about certain things. Mostly about dating inside the group. My rule is I don't care, just be adults about it and don't cause any problems. If I have to deal with the problems I'm not going to be happy.
I'm touched that so many people worry about me and it is a new thing for me. When they start sacrificing women to me then I know I'll have to start dating again.

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