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Sane Friends

What Dreams are These

I'm taking a break from work today. Well not actual work, but thinking of how I want the future to be with the office. However there is always a tinge of anxiety with it so I'm putting it down today to relax. In doing so I realized that I had put to the side my time of remembering good things in my life. I can easily recall all the bad stuff and abuse, but if that's all that is filling me then that can't be a good thing. So I'm using my Starbucks time to do that.

Enigma and her kids took off for the weekend to DC. Hey less people in the house is always a good thing to me. So I slept nice and late this morning and then did some lounging around while doing laundry. Afterwards I headed over to the gym to workout. I ran into a woman that use to start conversations with me. She's a nice lady, but I know it's not where I want to go. I have friends that ask me about my deep considerations when I date, not that I am now. For me a partner will affect my whole life. From how much I make to were life will lead me. Like hiring an important employee for a company it needs to be done with care. If my gut is telling me already that this isn't it I find no reason to just have some fun. This is a conversation my friend Paul and I have frequently. He has no visualization or long term plans. No delayed gratification for long term benefits. I know at times this sounds cold, but when you've been in a bad relationship it affects you immensely. I still believe in chemistry immensely, but I just don't shoot from the hit anymore with dating.

I stopped by my Mom to see how she was doing today. No real change. She didn't want me to do her nails today. She was more into resting so I let her be. Tonight I'm getting together with the singles for the Funny Bone. I've had to set some boundaries with this now. When I post the event I let people know how to get free tickets. What everyone is doing now is waiting to the last minute and hoping I have free tickets since they sell out fast. As of yesterday I had no one going with me. Now I have 9. I have a ticket and 3 extras. My phone and email box have been flooded with people panicking to get tickets. So I put on the event that I will no longer have extra tickets and that don't RSVP unless you have some from the Funny Bone.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Good for you setting boundaries Mike!
I too have recently developed some very deep considerations about who I will date. Suddenly it's not worth it to me to date someone who I know will not be acceptable in the long run. I just don't want to put forth the time and energy on meeting someone if they aren't good for me from the very start. Physical chemistry can be fun, but ultimately it's got to about a relationship that will be higher than just animal attraction.


Enjoy your Labor Day. I get to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to work that day.

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