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Introducing ...

I met our new roomie tonight and her son. I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Usually the landlord will mention if a woman is particularly attractive. Holy shit was she attractive. Can I have her stay in my room? She's a mestiso like me. Mestiso means half breed in Filipino. Her other half is Hungarian. She does need a health dose of self esteem since her son has worn her down from what I hear. However with boundaries the little guy did well tonight. So Legal girl takes the stage in our little world. I tell you with 7 people around a table for dinner it's like the Walton's. Actually it's perfect timing since Enigma and her kids have all settled in and we've gotten our little rituals down. I'm not quite sure if Legal girl is moving in before or after my landlord leaves for his 10 day trip.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

How did she get the name Legal Girl ?

I hope that you will pump her with a full healthy dose of good self esteem, lol.

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