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Sane Friends

Days of Future Pass

Never enjoy NY minutes. During my last patient I got an email from my Mom's old friend and my baby sitter when I was young. I still call her Mrs. Z... I don't think I'll ever call her by her first name like everyone else does. It's just too much of a leap for me. Anyway they found me through Facebook which she has a page. So I had a few minutes and called and I got one of her daughters who I use to hang out with when we were younger. We talked for a few, but I haven't seen her in at least 30 years and her voice had changed some. Anyway I gave her the low down on my Mom since I though my bro was keeping her up to date. Just when I was finished I was going to catch up with her daughter, but my Mom's place called. Mom was okay, just the doctor's report on her.

What a difference a day makes? Yesterday the day never got started. My morning meeting never happened and I never launched. Today I had a presentation to give at another business meeting and I've been on track ever since. Shortly I have to meet with the athletic department at Virginia Wesleyan college to be their chiropractor. Could be the coup for me.

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