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Reasons to go Postal

After being cut off with my first call I'm on my second call to the insurance company. So after avoiding all the pitfalls of the automated system I finally get a living person.

Pain in Ass – I'm a Pain in the Ass. Who am I talking to today?
Me- Mike

Pain in Ass – Who?
Me- Mike

Pain in Ass – Who?
Me- Mike

Pain in Ass – Who?
Me- Do you want my name?

Pain in Ass – Yes
Me- It's Mike

Pain in Ass – .......
Me- Do you want the reference #?

Pain in Ass – Yes
Me- B87602767.....................

Pain in Ass – Just the last 4
Me- 2989

Pain in Ass – (After a few moments) It was denied since it's part of the patients deductible.
Me- We just received your EOB (explanation of benefits) and it doesn't say anything about that. Just that it's denied.

Pain in Ass – .... it needs a modifier since it's bundled together
Me- (I don't mention that this has never been a problem in 5 years) So would that be a -25 modifier?

Pain in Ass – I'm not a liberty to say what modifier it would be.
Me- Thanks (for nothing!!!)

This is how I spend my days.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Fucking basards. I just spoke with pain in the ass the other day.

I was disputing a credit card claim.

She resoundly denied me. And I was right cuz...oh hell what does it matter. We're all screwed.


Oh Lord, that was painful for me to read.

At least you should be given some lube so all the ramming in your ass is at least somewhat bearable.

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