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The Little Things

You know, sometimes it's the little things. Today something in my glove compartment lock broke. I'll have to take it apart to find out what it is. While it's a small thing. Let me tell you it's a pain the ass having your glove compartment door open. There's a reason to keep it locked. It keeps all my shit in one confined place. I would like to tale a look and see what the problem is, but since the humidity here is about 120% that's not happening.

Tonight is my talk and I'm down to 10 people which isn't too bad with me only having one sponsor. Definition I won't have to pay too much out of my own pocket. I swear I'm going to have to track a few people down with a baseball bat.

The Proposal last night was a lot of fun. We had a surprising 15 people show up for the movie. It was very funny and I have to admit I was brought under the spell of a romantic comedy. So for several hours last night I was under the spell of a relationship. Today I'm back to normal. Sandra Bullock still looks great. I remember my ex was very surprised that I found her attractive. She was under the belief that guys just like the bombshells.

This is a cash poor week which is a bad thing since I have several bills that need to be paid. I am getting really tired of the insurance companies apologizing for their mistakes and telling me they'll pay me in another 30 days. I swear I have stuff from the end of spring which they keep screwing up, admitting it, and saying they're going to fix it. I'm really hoping this electronic billing works out.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

I really hope you get paid soon. I would lose my mind if I had your job.


Oh my goodness I can only imagine your frustration in getting paid. Not the same thing, but I play collection on businesses that order our services and don't pay so I can't sympathize with your frustration and how much you need your money. It kills me to show my boss how much he is owed and tell him that so and so just went bankrupt or whatever.

I'm glad to hear this was a good movie, I love Sandra Bullock, so does K, and we were hoping it was a good one.


As a woman I've always found Sandra Bullock naturally attractive. She still is of course but I suspect after watching The Proposal she may have had work done???

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