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Women and Food

Today and tomorrow I'm trying to get people to come to a free Mexican dinner being held by yours truly. Like my business coach always say, "I'm surprised how many businesses actually stay in business." I'm always surprised how much you need to kick people in the ass to do anything. I've sent 2 RSVP's out already with minimal response. When I talk to people they reply that they haven't looked at their calender yet. It's been over a week since the first one went out. However when I get them to sit down and look at the calendar, they sign up. People it's free food!!!

Do you ever worry you'll call someone there nickname from here in real life? I just posted an event for the weekend. It's an Italian festival. Asp was all over me asking if they would have rice balls. You see her and Saturn girl went to NYC and while in Little Italy she had some rice balls. Now I personally think they were too close to China town cause of when I think rice balls I think Asian. However I'm a southern boy and northern Italy is more rice based so I could be wrong. Anyway I told I didn't know, but she could call the number I provided. In typical Asp fashion she was telling me it was my responsibility and bad mouthing my zeppolis. Afterwards I was thinking about it and I was saying Asp in my mind instead of her real name. This perked me up since I would feel like a big fool to call someone by there nickname. Has this happen to anyone?

Today I finally got a nice stainless steel waste basket for the office at the thrift store. So this afternoon I'm trying to figure out how to reorganize the room to make it work better now. Over the past few months I've been adding equipment to the room and now it needs to have some organization so that it doesn't look so haphazard.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I am hungry, and this post made me even hungrier.

Free food doesn't entice many people anymore these days, unfortunately.

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