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Sane Friends

Good Day Sunshine

It was funny. Even OF said it was weird. Talking about ourselves after 38 years will do that you. Our moms kept in touch so we knew certain things about each other, but not a lot. So it was interesting if not a little awkward. However I was happy to do it. We'll keep our mom's connected which will be good. The funniest thing is that I'm trying to find out if her husband is related to a friend down here.

I was bummed last night that the rain never ended. I could have used the hike to burn of some of my stress. Well the sun came back out today, so I'll be able to go out with the singles tonight for miniature golf. Just standing out there in the sun and fresh air feels good to me.

I can't wait till the money catches up here at the office. It's really starting to get to me being very busy and still have to be behind on bills. Mike's getting angry.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Nice to see you're still around Mike :)


Being behind on bills is the worst feeling. It's so great when everything catches up and you have extra.

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