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Italiana MC

I was just about to leave my office when the phone rang. It was MC. I didn't answer and just let her leave a message. Regis I'd like to phone a friend. Honestly since she didn't call back yesterday I had already figured it was not happening. So I had to talk to someone and process all the gremlins in my head. I tell you I feel like I'm walking into the wasteland entering the dating arena again. Haven't I done this too many times since my divorce to be going through this? Honestly I know that my time in the land of singles has really helped me be a better person as an individual, but in doing so has ripped out a lot of the faulty mechanisms that I learned growing up. So in relationships my mind goes straight to I did something wrong, which is a childhood thing, when something goes awry. It took some time in thought and journaling to squash all the gremlins that were digging holes in my consciousness. It was funny when I called my friend Paul to talk about it. He had to repeat a few time, "she called and you let it go on the machine."
Anyway I did call MC back and she was sorry she forgot to call me back yesterday. She said it was so busy at work that she didn't realize she hadn't called me till late at night. MC sounded a little nervous in the conversation. I made some small talk about Speak Like a Pirate Day before asking her again about tomorrow. She's working, but she's taking a few hours off to go out with me. Since the weather is nice I'm thinking miniature golf since she's sitting at a desk all day inside. MC thought the Neptune Festival was this week, but it's next weekend. So she left it in my lap and I'll pick her up at her office tomorrow. It'll be weird picking up someone on a first date, but I guess since it's not her house it doesn't really matter.
The Italian Festival was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the food and music. We actually walked around the whole area which allowed me to see a few tourist things I never look at. The truly funny thing was when 2 people left and 1 went to move his car which left me with Mike. He's an older guy that I like. I ended up teaching him how to chat up women since he said at events he was okay, but from a cold start he had trouble. It's funny cause he's at least 15 years my senior. So I went over some basics. Then the dancing troupe came in and was standing there. 8-10 women and 2 guys. So I asked a few questions and got them all talking. Then Mike entered the conversation and it went from there. The interesting thing was one dancer had both her daughters in the group. She didn't look that old. I pointed out to Mike how he could have been able to go out with them all if by saying a few things since they really liked the city. Actually I was pretty surprised at how much I had changed by doing it all.

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