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Sane Friends

Dinner for Two

If you had told me yesterday morning who I would be sitting next to that evening having dinner, just the two of us, I wouldn't of believed you. So I dinner with Inverse last night. I got home late and she came over to pick up her daughter. The landlord was trying to get rid of some left over food before his trip. Enigma and the landlord were going over the lay of the house while he was gone and Inverse's daughter was upstairs playing with the kids.

She had gained a few pounds, but still looks great. I asked about her new job. I tell you the woman goes through jobs faster than women go through rolls of toilet paper. She was pretty quick to ask if I was still on my woman fast. LOL. It's an inaccurate description, but a funny one never the less. I told her about MC and she told me about some fireman she was seeing. Inverse is like Megan Fox. Very attractive, but you can see the squirrels playing behind their eyes. I always have a hard time in this area. While part of me is saying sleep with like she wants. The other half is saying smash your hand with a hammer and be done with it. The hammer always wins cause the rational part of my mind knows that I'm not going to enjoy myself. However I can never shut the other part of my brain. It's like driving past a car accident. You have to look.

So for the next 3 weeks Enigma will be cooking. I saw her list of food items she wanted and I can feel my arteries clogging now. It's all kid based food. The landlord told me just to put any receipts I have to supplement my food in his basket.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

So please explain to me how the food situation works in your house. B/c if food is part of your rent, I am moving in with YOU!


I think you should bang her and get it over with.

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