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The sea was angry last night during my weekly beach hike. At some times we had to walk the streets since the water was completely covering the beach. So that combined with the strong head wind,having to walk in the soft sand, and a work out at the gym yesterday that included my legs. I'm sore today.

I was able to pick L's brain for a few places to take MC for drinks. I'm glad I asked her since Kokoamos had already closed for the season and that had been my first choice. This is the last weekend of the summer so I figured a spot on the water would be nice. Hey enjoy it while we got it. I'll give MC a call during lunch to see what her availability is.

I'm trying to stay in the perspective of how she is making me feel rather than me filling in the blanks which I have found out to be my old MO. It was funny cause I was reading one of my journals last night and there thing was you want to be in a good place and have your mindset when you start a relationship. It causes a lot of problems when you have to backpedal.

An old associate has popped up since I asked MC out. It's the asshole that takes my happiness away. It took me a while to deal with him with my life, however I guess he's still hanging on to dating life. I knew MC liked me and wanted to go out with me. It was plain as day, however since then I keep getting these nagging little thoughts trying to disrupt my perspective of this. After a life time of abuse you no longer trust your instincts and it really bothers me that this still can get to me.

On the business plate today. One of my sponsors for my event next week is MIA. The bastard didn't even pay so I'm short money for this event and I'm trying to find a replacement. Tonight I have my appointment with the Virginia Wesleyan baseball team. I haven't heard from the coach all week after numerous phone calls, but I'll be there where ever that is.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

It's the asshole that takes my happiness away.

I really did laugh out loud at that.
I stare at people like him, very wide-eyed & say: Huh? a lot. They usually wander away.

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