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I got up surprisingly early today. Even the landlord asked since I'm rarely seen before 10 am on Sundays. So I used the extra time to clean up the inside of my car. While I'd vacuumed the car not to long ago I really didn't get all the cracks where all the crumbs had collected. I figured I'd hit the gym before meeting MC and burn off any extra energy off. I've read that this was a good techniques and it did work out really well. That extra boost of endorphins to make you feel good really does a body well.

I picked up MC at her office since it was her turn to work the weekend. We chatted a little while she finished up. She asked what did I have in mind and I suggested since it was the last day of summer and a beautiful day that we play miniature golf. MC said she hadn't played in probably 20 years. I could see it was outside the box for her, but she agreed to try. She had about a 2 hour window.

It was gorgeous out today and the perfect time to be outside. We had fun talking and it didn't her to long to ask how old I was. She didn't mention her age to a while later. I really didn't care. At my age if I have to wonder if your legal or not it's probably a good thing to pass. MC really enjoyed herself and thanked me for getting her out of the office. While we have many activities we enjoy, chemistry was low. I enjoyed myself and I asked it she wanted to get together again sometime and go to the batting cage which was something she was eyeing the entire time we were at miniature golf.

My friend Paul seemed surprised that I was going the friend route since we jelled very well activity wise. For me it was too much of a push to get things going. Since things get harder I don't want to start there.

I can feel that the dating bug has bit me again, however I'm trying not to fall into my pattern of starting to hunt now. I'm trying to relax and just see what crosses my path. Since I meet a lot of people naturally it's the best way for me. It'll help me stay in the want zone instead of the need zone.

I had to remove my Facebook badge on the side of my page since it brought this blog from page 5 to page 2 on Google is you googled my name. Can't have that happening.

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