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Sane Friends

The Wind has Changed

Well I finally had to get a new battery today. When I left to go to my business meeting today I needed someone to jump me and since this made me late I knew I could get another jump at the meeting if need be and I needed it. This time when I had it checked out they brought out the big equipment which said the battery was bad. My problem was that to get to the battery you need to take the front driver's wheel off and then then the plastic covering in the wheel well. Way too much trouble for me without the right equipment. I was very happy to have my friend recommend a mechanic. They were great, but they are hidden let me tell you. It's like trying to find the entrance to the Bat cave.

So all this car trouble really took up my free time today to get all the calls I needed to do. The biggest is that one of my sponsors has fallen off the face of the earth. He said he wanted to do it and then he hasn't responded to emails. So I'll track him down tomorrow so this happens.

Two good things came out of my neighborhood lunch meeting, well a bunch did, but there was 2 big things. The first was the wife of one of the MD's I know in the area is working a second job after 10 years in practice. I know they do a piss poor job in marketing, but it was nice to know even MD's struggle.

The other was that I ran into a woman that I would like to date. My business coach had told me about MC and that I should talk to her at the meeting to possible run events together. Due to my battery problems I got there late and while I knew many of the attendees, their were a few I didn't know. I said hi to them and just before we sat down MC arrived. I said hi to here and like I always do I noticed she didn't have a ring on. As we sat down I realized I liked something about her. Throughout the meeting I caught her looking over at me. The problem was that she was the first one gone when we ended. This makes me think that she maybe shy, but as a broker and owner of a realty firm doesn't match up. There is something about her that I like and want to pursue. So I'll stop by her place tomorrow to talk business and see where it leads.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Next time get that woman to jump you, lol. Tell her you have a uhm, battery problem and that you need a jumping.

"As we sat down I realized I liked something about her"

And what could that something be ?


I hope it leads somewhere sweet!


Just a feeling Senorita, no big physical attribute stood out.

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