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Well the new girl has a nickname, Smokey. Why you ask? Well she played down how much she smokes. The landlord doesn't tolerate it in the house and 1 cigarette and you're gone. Anyway back the nickname. She was out most of the day yesterday, but all her clothes and possessions set off the smoke detectors in her room. Not once, but twice! So the landlord was going to have her clean all her stuff today.

I did find out that I can't schedule meetings in between my appointments. I can be busy all day long and be okay, but if I need to shoot out and then come back I feel very rushed for the entire day. A feeling that I don't live very much.

In 2 weeks time I'm having my lecture dinner. Today I sent out emails to different people who I thought would like to sponsor the event. I got my 2 sponsors in record time. Wow it was a lot easier than I thought.

I'm playing catch up in the bank all this week. Every time I think I'm good something else comes in to pull me back. I tell you I'm seeing checks that I wrote clearing the same day in my account. How is this possible? There are plenty of times when I put money in the bank when I write a check knowing the money will be in the next day when the check clears. So WTF is this same day stuff?

I had a business meeting today. It was funny, she was told many things about me before I met since I've met most of the people she knows. She asked the same question I get from many people. When do you actually do chiropractic? She didn't even know all the stuff I do. I'm grateful to have learned how to run larger businesses. So running my place is easier. The E-Myth book and the 4 Hour Work Week books have helped fill in my gaps.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Your landlord never ceases to amaze me.

So he will tolerate being stiffed his rent over again, yet he has a cow over a little second hand smoke ?

Not to say I like cigarettes, I don't.

Good luck with Smokey.

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