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Bored Minds Play

Did you ever get bored? Well after my phone calls today I've had a new patient no show. I did have there phone number, but it's someone else. So I have no idea what the hell is going on with them. So what do I do while I'm still on my "asking" high. It's nice to be more in control of situations that use to puzzle me more. Anyway I Googled MC to see what I would find out. Surprise, surprise, surprise ... I didn't find much except that she's 50. I had a feeling she was older, but wasn't quite sure. In a way her looks do remind me of the Planner, but there is a warmer feeling here. I have to say of all the time to ask someone out I picked a time that I'm really freakin' busy. So I'll call her tomorrow to see if Sunday in the afternoon is good for her. If it rains Saturday like it's suppose to I'll be free, but that's too short of notice.

I have to admit I'm Even Steven this week with every person cancelling another person is calling. Still no word back from the coach at Virginia Wesleyan, but we made an appointment for tomorrow and I'll be there. I have no idea where that will be, but I'll be there.

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I hope your date with MC goes well. You have to keep us posted on how it went.

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