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Sane Friends

Panera Bread

I tell you, I'm liking Panera Bread on a Saturday afternoon. I meet attractive women that are hitting on me. Last time it was the Asian. This time I noticed a pair of women sitting behind where I had set up for game night. One was very attractive from across the room. Anyway just sitting there with my back to them they started a conversation up with me. I invited them to join, but they wanted to go shopping instead. I had my opportunity to ask her out, but passed. Sitting around yesterday I had the realization of being in a relationship most of my life. So it's nice to be single and enjoy my time alone. I've matured in many areas over the last few years and I think this is another one. I'm not saying how long it will last. Hey, knowing me I'll ask someone out tomorrow.
Not much on my plate today except staying cool. It's suppose to be in the upper 90's today. I stuck my hand out to get the paper today and I can believe it. I'm going to the Funny Bone tonight with the singles. I think I would rather jump tables and sit with L and her friends. Tango girl was suppose to go, but she cancelled and I'm stuck with another girl who I don't particularly like. The good thing is she's bringing 2 friend along so hopefully it will dilute all her diarrhea of the mouth.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hey Mike,

I can't say that I have been to Panera Bread is the food good there ? I'm sure that you will find someone who will join you for perhaps a meal there at Panera Bread. You seem like a totally great guy. Any woman would be lucky to have you. I'm definitely rooting for you. Do keep us posted !!!


Hi Mike,
There's a Panera near me, too, but I've never known it to be a pick-up joint, for anything other than sandwiches!

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