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My Brain's on Fire

I suffer from Dysthymia. I've been on Lexapro for 5 years now for it and it works wonders. However without insurance it can be costly at $3 a pill. I really have no side effects except it takes me a little longer to start to pee. In a experiment to see if acupuncture would cover me instead of the medicine I'm weaning myself off. Acupuncture works wonders on me for everything else. However SSR withdrawal is not fun. I tried cold turkey many years ago and that was a freakin' nightmare. I did some research this time and was told it would be about 8 weeks long. Holy shit! I can feel the withdrawal today. My vision is blurring every once and a while and I have the brain fire going on. However I don't feel depressed. I can't do 8 weeks of this so I guess I'll go back on. I'm happy I have no other problem with the medicine. Now I just need to wait to I get home to take the other half of my medicine today.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Hi Mike,
I guess it's good news if the medication works for you with no side effects ... but I can't help wondering about that pill cost and the lack of health insurance. Maybe the proposed health care reform would help someone like you be able to get the medication/treatment you need.


It's good that you're working your way off of it, especially at a ridiculous $3 a pill. That's crazy.


And your doctor knows you're doing this, right?

(Of course, I need to go look up what dysthymia is....).

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