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Sane Friends

The Event

One of my friends had a client appreciation tonight. She had cross marketed with a few others. It was held in a condo on the beach that was for sale. 1.3 million dollar condo to be exact. Personally I didn't care for it. Like my brother's place, everything is spread out over 3 floors. At least his bedrooms are on the 3rd floor. This place had them on the second which is right between everything. I had stopped by to show my support and hopefully get a chair massage.

Oye! Now I usually like being the only guy in a house filled with women, but not this time. All the women were pretty foo foo and not my type, but many were checking me out. I grabbed some veggies to eat since everything else was cup cakes. All the juice was diet and I passed on all the wine. I did talk to one lady who told me about her daughter being in chiropractic college. It was funny, once she found out I had been in this profession for 14 years now then her attitude changed with me.

The worse was when I was looking into getting a massage. I ran into a salon owner who I had talked to many months ago. She was the best since at least she praised me for my weekly motivations before she tried to sell me anything. I don't know if I somehow give the appearance of wealth or something, but women just kept coming up to me and pointing out something about the house. Honestly unless you're getting naked with me in one of them I really don't give a crap. One of the salon ladies was right in my face talking about her business.

However the worse was the massage therapist. She came to my office a while back. She agreed she wanted the space, set up a date, and said she would call. This was the first I've heard from her. Anyway she asked about the massage therapist in my office and how they were doing. I told her slow with the economy. She then tries to sell me on office space in her place as she puts down mine. WTF! It left a real sour taste in my mouth. Since I would never hit a lady, I think a wedgie may have been in order. She told me I could get a massage in an hour. I said hi to my friend and bailed.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

"Since I would never hit a lady, I think a wedgie may have been in order."

Thank you for the morning laugh. I almost spit out my coffee!

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